Best Part Time Jobs For Moms

Top 10 best part time jobs for moms that want to work from home:

Best part time jobs for momsSo you’re looking for the best part time jobs for moms that want to work from home. That’s why you’re here right? Above all, you love being a stay at home mom, but you also want or need a part time job. We have good news for you! Many companies, well known ones at that, hire remote workers.

Technology and the internet has made it possible for moms, just like you, to work outside of the traditional office cubicle. Today, tools such as Skype, Webex, and Google Hangouts make it easy for work at home moms to collaborate with office colleagues both locally and globally.

I’ve gathered the top 10 best part time jobs for moms that want to work from home and listed them below. Each job type includes a link to currently open work from home positions in that field.

I hope my fellow work at home moms find this list useful. Good luck on your work from home job search!

Some of the best part time jobs for moms include:

  1. Remote Customer Service Representative Jobs

    Remote customer service representative jobs are among the best part time jobs for moms. Well known companies, such as Amazon, Apple, Xerox, and UnitedHealth routinely hire work from home employees. As a remote customer service rep, you will typically answer customer inquiries and solve customer problems through the phone, social media, email, forums, and chat. As a stay at home mom, you may need to try to find jobs that don’t require much phone time, or that offer phone hours during your children’s downtime (naps, after they go to bed, before they get up), etc.

    Find Remote Customer Service Representative Jobs >>

  2. Remote Healthcare Jobs

    Many healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and private practices, hire remote workers. Medical billers, coders, nurses, physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, and case managers are some of the most common types of remote jobs offered in the healthcare field. Top companies, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealth, Aetna, and Humana often hire remote healthcare employees.

    Find Remote Healthcare Jobs >>

  3. Remote Finance Jobs

    Remote finance jobs are another one of the best part time jobs for moms. As a result, these jobs are usually plentiful. Accountants, bookkeepers, underwriters, mortgage brokers, collection specialists, credit counselors, and insurance adjusters are some of the most popular job titles. Wells Fargo, Ameriplan, Bank of America, and UnitedHealth Group are a few companies that hire for remote finance jobs.

    Find Remote Finance Jobs >>

  4. Remote Sales Jobs

    Sales representative jobs are also numerous and fairly easy to find. Typical reps sell a company’s products, goods and services and are usually the first point of contact for a customer. Sales reps can be paid a base salary, base salary plus commission, or commission only.

    Find Remote Sales Jobs >>

  5. Remote Information Technology Jobs

    I’m an IT professional; Therefore, my favorite best part time jobs for moms are jobs within the Information technology industry. This industry offers some of the highest rates of remote opportunities along with some of the largest salaries. IT specialists usually provide services related to hardware and software support, server maintenance, database administration, networking, resourcing management, and system analysis.

    Find Remote Information Technology Jobs >>

  6. Remote Education Jobs

    More and more students are choosing to get their education online. Elementary, middle school, high school diplomas, and college degrees can now be completely obtained online. Ivy league universities also offer full degree paths online.  As a result, the rise in distance education has created a new demand for online teachers and tutors.

    Find Remote Education Jobs >>

  7. Remote Administrative Jobs

    There also usually many openings for remote administrative personnel. Job titles such as email administrator, network administrator, associate, assistant, and receptionist are some of the common. Administrative job duties can vary greatly company to company.

    Find Remote Administrative Jobs >>

  8. Remote Human Resources Jobs

    Remote human resource employees are also in high demand. Human resource employees recruit, screen, interview, and place employees in positions within an organization. Many times human resource employees also handle employee relations, employee training, payroll, and benefits.

    Find Remote Human Resources Jobs >>

  9. Remote Management Jobs

    Managers are responsible for planning, directing and overseeing employees within a department. Managers are usually also responsible for operations and budgets. Common job titles are Account Manager, Project Manager, Sales Manager, and Case Manager.

    Find Remote Management Jobs >>

  10. Remote Consulting Jobs

    Remote consultants work virtually in any and every field; Therefore, they are usually in high demand. Consultants are also contractors that provide expert services to individuals and businesses alike. Depending on the industry in which they are employed and their level of expertise, job duties for remote consultants will vary greatly.

    Find Remote Consulting Jobs >>

Remote jobs have benefits for both employers and employees. There are many legitimate companies that will allow you to work from home. Big businesses have began to realize that having a remote workforce can be convenient and affordable. Hiring remotely allows employers to cast a wider net. As a result, employers have the opportunity to find employees who bring skills to the job that may not be available locally. Remote jobs can be a godsend to parents who desire and need to spend more quality time with their family. Due to the fact that being a stay at home mom is not a 9 to 5 job, moms that need to work many times need flexibility. Furthermore, having a work from home job can give a parent that flexibility they desire. It definitely changed my life for the better.

We hope you found our best part time jobs for moms list beneficial in your work from home job search!

Good luck and happy non-commuting!

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